Kick Some Butt With Bunda

Bunda which is Portuguese slang for Butt is a studio that’s completely devoted to your lower half with the goal of…

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Pause Studio: West Hollywood

I think we’d all like to hit the pause button on life every once in a while. Well, that’s basically what you can do at…

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Embracing Your Greatness 21-Day Challenge

Ok, my friends, I am about to change your life! I am going to teach you how to break out of your self-imposed limiting…

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My Six Steps to Better Rest

To say I am obsessed with sleep is an understatement. I have done massive amounts of research on how much sleep we…

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Four Tips for Thriving Through Menopause

Living in Los Angeles since I was in my 30’s, I’ve had access to all the latest and greatest when it comes to wellness…

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Tikkun Holistic Spa Vagina Steam

What It’s Really Like To Get Your Vagina Steamed

Never say never...isn’t that what they say? Once when I was on live TV I announced I would never ever get my lady parts…

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Lisa Breckenridge with boxunion boxing gloves

Box Your Way To A Better Body

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Fight like a Girl”...well that’s exactly what I did at BoxUnion! This is one tough…

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Tighter Abs Happily Lisa Breckenridge

Flatten and Tone Those Abs Minus the Gym With Karyn Grossman

Giving birth to twins is the greatest accomplishment of my life… it however was not the greatest for my stomach! Yes I…

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Dosist CBD Lisa Breckenridge 1

dosist health: My New Secret for a Calm Mind and Better Sleep

Raise your hand if you’re stressed more this year than in previous years. Then check out my new secret for a calm mind…

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