ZIIP HALO: My New Favorite Beauty Device

Who doesn’t want a little natural facial lift or as the kids say, a face that looks snatched. I just discovered my new…

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Kindra Luncheon: Couch Conversation

I was honored when Kindra asked me to host a “Couch Conversation” following in the footsteps of a similar evening that…

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My Six Steps to Better Rest

To say I am obsessed with sleep is an understatement. I have done massive amounts of research on how much sleep we…

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Four Tips for Thriving Through Menopause

Living in Los Angeles since I was in my 30’s, I’ve had access to all the latest and greatest when it comes to wellness…

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Lisa Breckenridge mesotherapy hair loss skin rejuvenation

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss and Skin Rejuvenation with Beyond Regenerative

Would you let someone come at your face and scalp with a gun full of tiny needles? I did, and I’d do it again. It’s all…

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Lisa Breckenridge Vivace

The Vivace Experience®: Get Firmer & Tighter Skin

I’ve long been a fan of Microneedling but combine it with Radio Frequency and I am sold! I first heard about Vivace…

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