Unwind at Pause Studio West Hollywood

I think we’d all like to hit the pause button on life every once in a while.  Well, that’s basically what you can do at Pause Studio in West Hollywood. Here you’ll find modern wellness services to help you boost your immunity, and support your physical and mental recovery all designed to help you live better, perform better and sleep better!

I checked out the studio for “California Live”, the show I work on for NBC.  During my visit, we got a crash course in what the studio offers, from cryotherapy to the infrared sauna, cold plunge/contrast therapy, and flotation therapy.  And while I quickly partook of each treatment for the television report, I really didn’t get the full effect of what a trip there was truly like!  

I recently went back on my own time and spent three hours in this tranquil oasis and left feeling like I was on some sort of out of this world high not only that I slept that better that night than I’ve slept in years. 

We did all four treatments starting with the big chill! Three minutes in the cryo chamber. According to Pause, “In just 3 minutes you can Burn up to 800 calories, destroy fat and cellulite, produce collagen, and reduce pain and inflammation. Exposure to ultra-low temperatures triggers beneficial effects in the body and brain. In addition to accelerating weight loss, the body’s natural reaction to cold therapy causes improved circulation, increased energy, better sleep, and improved mood.” The technician pumps in whatever music you want and I tried to dance my way through the three minutes to take my mind off of the numbing cold…but boy is it exhilarating once you come out.

Next stop the Infrared sauna combined with the cold plunge… let’s just say I preferred the sauna!  When the TV cameras were on me I swear I lasted longer, but when I went on my own I think 20 seconds was my maximum time…I tried, I just couldn’t do it. Pause recommends between a minute to two minutes if you can. 


Here’s how Pause describes the benefits of contrast therapy: “Contrast therapy comes from a tradition that has been used for centuries by athletes and, more recently, Wim Hof fans. The contrast therapy experience begins as you alternate between hot and cold therapy, cycling between an infrared sauna, ice-cold water, and rest. Contrast therapy improves circulation, helps you de-stress, and awakens your body and mind. Hot and cold therapy accelerates nutrient-rich blood flow, quells inflammation in your body, and heightens your senses. Contrast therapy sharpens mental focus, so athletic and creative clients alike come to relax and enjoy invigorating contrast therapy sessions at our spa in Los Angeles.”

The last stop was the flotation sensory deprivation tank…I know it may seem like a claustrophobic nightmare…but I lasted the entire hour, floating in complete silence and darkness.  While I didn’t completely drift deep into the meditative state that I know many get to, I did leave feeling more relaxed and on a different level, almost a high.  Pause describes the treatment this way:  “You sink into 10 inches of clean, comfortable, body-temperature water — therapeutically infused with 1,000 pounds of healing Epsom salts. Just partially, nurturing submerged, you buoyantly float, freeing yourself from all sensory overload.

Drifting into a half-awake, half-dreaming Theta state, you tap into your highest creativity, keenest ideas, and most stunning realizations. Stress Cortisol drops and soothing pheromones rise. Feel refreshed and inspired? We knew you would. As gravity ebbs away, healing takes over. Floating coaxes your tired muscles, exhausted connective tissues, and stiff joints into restful, peaceful recovery. Your tight lower back soothingly decompresses into a relaxed, proper alignment. When you emerge, you feel both calmer and more re-energized.”


I honestly can’t wait to go back and try it all again, and I know this time I’ll conquer that cold plunge!!! I may not get the full 2 minutes, but I’ll be happy with a solid 45-seconds at this point!

There are 2 locations in the Los Angeles area: 

937 N Sycamore Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038

13353 Washington Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90066