My Six Steps to Better Rest

To say I am obsessed with sleep is an understatement. I have done massive amounts of research on how much sleep we need, the effects of not getting enough sleep, and what I need to do to get the best possible sleep.

My obsession started when I first began anchoring the morning news, which I did for nearly 33 years. That meant my alarm clock went off between 2:30-3:30 am every morning. 

I stopped anchoring the early morning news about 4 years ago. But then I was faced with yet another sleep disrupter…menopause.  For me that meant night sweats and trouble staying asleep.

So of course I was back at it with my sleep research and here are the 6 things that I’ve found help me get the best sleep possible during these years:

1 – EXERCISE: I make sure I exercise at least four days a week. I find it improves not only my mood but the quality of sleep each night. Timing is important to do it in the morning. If you must exercise at night don’t do it two to three hours before bedtime, as that can interfere with your rest.

2 – WATCH WHAT YOU DRINK: Did you know caffeine can take as long as eight hours to leave your system? And that can cause havoc with your slumber. Caffeine, of course, can be found not only in coffee, but colas, tea, and chocolate. Besides keeping you awake at night, it may also trigger hot flashes in some women. If you have a hard time sleeping it’s best to avoid it altogether, but if you must, have it early in the day. Also, skip the alcohol before bed. It’s another possible trigger for hot flashes. I know it can actually relax at first and may even help you fall asleep…but it more often than not makes it hard for you to stay asleep and get the deep, restorative stages of shut-eye that you need. 

3 – KEEP IT COOL: Whether it’s the temperature in your house or what you put on your body, make sure it’s cool. The temperature in your bedroom should be comfortable but low (don’t you get the best sleep in the cooler winter months?) I also recommend breathable cotton sleepwear…whether it’s pajamas or a nightgown. There are several brands that offer “cooling pajamas,” too. Also, choose cotton sheets over synthetic materials. Again you’ll find many manufacturers offer special cooling sheets as well.

You also might consider a cool shower before bed as well. And when I had especially tough nights sleeping, I find moving to another room, even to the couch in the living room helps me eventually get back to sleep.

4 – ZEN OUT: I have a few meditation apps on my phone and if I am having a rough night, or even just to prepare for sleep I listen to one of them. If you don’t want to hear someone talking, choose soothing sounds like rain to lull you to sleep. 

5 – KINDRA SLEEP-ENHANCING SUPPLEMENT: I used to take a cocktail of sleep supplements to make sure I got to sleep and stayed asleep.  Now I just take one of Kindra’s Sleep Enhancing Supplements each night! This powerful little pill is filled with stress-reducing Ashwagandha, body-balancing Pycnogenol, and just enough low-dose Melatonin. Since I’ve been taking it I’ve definitely had better, deeper sleep and I don’t ever wake up feeling groggy!

6 – SCHEDULE: I have always been a very scheduled sleeper, definitely a trait leftover from my early morning news days. But keeping on a similar schedule makes sure your rhythms don’t get out of whack.

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*Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Kindra.  As always, all opinions are my own. <3