Girlfriend’s Getaway: Exploring the Seaside Charm of Cayucos, California

A month ago if you had asked me where Cayucos was I would have given you a blank stare. Now I know all about this…

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Our Mother Daughter Road Trip to Carmel

My 19-year-old daughter Elsie and I love a good road trip! This year we decided to head up to Carmel, and have the best…

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Knoxville, Tennessee: 3 Days of Southern Charm

Drew and I traveled to Knoxville for a 3-day birthday weekend, celebrating one of our dear friends. We decided to spend…

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Lisa Belize 01

Belize Travel Guide: From the Rainforest to the Beach

Welcome to Belize!  From the jungle to the Caribbean Sea...I’ve got you covered! First up, beach time!

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