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Getting Your Vagina Steamed: Here’s What It’s Like

Never say never…isn’t that what they say?

Once when I was on live TV I announced I would never ever get my lady parts steamed. Why would I make such a proclamation on live TV? Well, we were discussing how actress Gwyneth Paltrow had an article on her GOOP website saying she was a fan of the “V-Steam” at the Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica. Fast forward to me in a ceremonial-looking rubber robe at the Tikkun Spa getting ready for my steam clean.

A V-Steam is where you basically sit on a throne over an infrared light and basin filled with all types of herbs to cleanse your uterus. You wear this rubber gown to keep all that steam in (and yes don’t worry everything is cleaned and sanitized)!

Here’s what the folks at Tikkun tell me about the process: Mugwort has been used in Korea for hundreds of years and is known for balancing female hormonal levels. Mugwort also contains natural antibiotics and antifungal agents which are said to help maintain internal health as well as keep your skin looking young and healthy. Mugwort leaves and flower buds are boiled and steamed and applied to a specific area of the body (perineum) for detoxification. The steam from the Mugwort is then absorbed into the body through the pores of the skin, most strongly affecting the site of absorption. Although touted for its use for women, it may also be used for both men and women who suffer from hemorrhoid discomfort.

Other medicinal properties of the V Steam are said to include protecting the uterus from ulcers and tumors. It is also supposed to help with your menstrual cycle, ease fatigue and help correct digestive disorders.

I should also mention there are plenty of medical professionals who say you should never steam your lady parts, that doing so can upset the vagina’s pH balance and lead to dangerous burns.

So there you have it! No scientific proof, and yet I’ll tell you it felt great, and if my insides somehow got energetically recharged and cleaned out I am all for it. The owner told me about her own infertility issues and others who have been helped. While that department is no longer an option for me, I will totally go back because this is no ordinary Korean Day Spa. It’s pretty unbelievable and I can’t wait to go explore all the other treatments they offer there!

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