Kick Some Butt with BUNDA!

Years ago, I read a pretty depressing article about how our butts change as we age.  With this quote permanently seared in my mind: “it’s all downhill after 30 for the butt…”

With that in mind, I was excited to try out a new exercise studio that bills itself as “the home of the better butt”! Bunda which is Portuguese slang for Butt is a studio that’s completely devoted to your lower half with the goal of improving your overall tone. 

You can check out the story I did for the show I work on “California Live” on NBC.

Katie Lunger came up with the concept for the studio which features the Stairmaster, but don’t expect to do mindless climbing on this beast, the instructors take you through a series of positions to get the type of workout you’ve never had before…you’re skipping steps, doing it sideways, crossing over, and kicking back those legs and lifting your tush in the process.

On the floor, Bunda utilizes specially designed workout stations with a bench, weights, and pulleys.

According to Lunger, “In most workouts, people will only train the gluteus maximus muscle with movements like squats and lunges. But the medius and minimus are important stabilizers, providing stability for the knee, back, and ankle joints as well as the hips and pelvis. In order to have a well-rounded rear, you must train and target all three.” 

She says her clients are astounded at the speed with which their bodies change once they start bünda workouts. After years of core and arm workouts, they quickly realize that a bikini body is best achieved through gluteal firmness.  But don’t worry, your whole body gets attention as well.

She adds: “Lower body training engages the largest muscles in the body, including the glutes, and triggers a huge metabolic response. More calories are burned, and you engage your core muscles as you do them so you will get a flatter stomach anyway.”

And to deal with all the restrictions that 2020 brought for indoor workouts until Bunda can go back indoors, you can get your better butt on the studio’s rooftop.

West Hollywood Location:
8231 W Third Street Suite C
Los Angeles CA 90048
Phone (323)852-3355


Santa Monica Location:
3008 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica CA 90404
Phone (310) 310-2846