Benaar: Chic Resort Wear Hand-Picked in Los Angeles

Have you ever had one of those friends who always looks effortlessly chic, wearing pieces you’ve never seen anyplace…

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Misa Los Angeles Happily Lisa Breckenridge

Misa Los Angeles: Being a Misa Muse

My closet has always been filled with dresses...but when I worked on the news everyday it was typically a solid primary…

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Aquarius Cocktail Happily Lisa Breckenridge

Upcycling At It’s Finest: Aquarius Cocktail

I am pretty sure no one would ever describe my style as funky or eclectic...but I am slowly changing that with the help…

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Christy Lynn: Elegance With a Touch of Edge

I discovered one of my new favorite designers, Christy Lynn, by scrolling through my Instagram feed one night when I…

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Souvenir: Escaping to My Newest Clothing Obsession

To say Souvenir is one of my new fashion obsessions is an understatement! I absolutely adore everything in this line…

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Terranea Resort Lisa Breckenridge

Style Spotlight: My New Favorite Jewelry Lines

I’m always on the lookout for new (and new-to-me) designers who are creating beautiful, high-quality pieces.  This year…

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