Four Tips for Thriving Through Menopause with Kindra

Living in Los Angeles since I was in my 30’s, I’ve had access to all the latest and greatest when it comes to wellness and aging gracefully. I’ve tried lasers for my skin, weekly colonics, and I have even had my vagina steamed. Once I hit menopause, and all the fun side effects that accompany this natural phase of life, I was of course on a quest to conquer it. No two bodies during menopause are the same. My biggest struggles were the brain fog, energy dips, hair loss, and the horrible sleep thanks to drenching night sweats. Too much information?

During my journey, I sought out a noted specialist that many celebrities swore by to keep their bodies and brains in tip-top shape (that’s always a qualifying factor, right?). The doctor had me taking so many supplements every day that I lost count. Not only that, I was injecting my stomach nightly with some sort of growth hormone. I’d get the occasional IV drip filled with nutrients, AND I was using hormone creams. At the height of this frenzy, I was spending such an absurd amount of money each month that I am honestly too embarrassed to even write it down…Ultimately, it just wasn’t financially feasible to keep it up. So, although I did feel great, my pocketbook did not.

“I knew I needed to do something different.”

Changing my pajamas twice a night and counting the strands of hair I lost every morning in the shower was not going to be a thing. Not to mention, taking naps during the day was just not an option. I devoured as much information as I could about dealing with my symptoms. While everyone experiences menopause differently, here is what I found worked best for me…

A few tips to consider:

EXERCISE: I make sure I exercise at least 4 days a week if not every day. It actually increases my energy during the day and helps with sleep at night. Not to mention it keeps my body fit, and I’ve been lucky enough not to experience the weight gain that is often associated with menopause.

HYDRATION: I drink a ton of water every day, throwing in collagen powder and electrolytes to give it a better flavor. It also prevents me from getting bored and reaching for coffee instead. Being dehydrated can elevate cortisol, a stress hormone that can cause you to be tired and anxious.

NUTRITION: I am fairly aware of what I put in my body food-wise. While I am definitely not perfect, I try to give my body the fuel it needs. The Mediterranean diet which is rich in vegetables, fruit, fish, and olive oil is a good rule of thumb to follow. Also, a big tip…watch your alcohol intake! It can actually exacerbate your symptoms! Doctors say more than five ounces of wine or 12 ounces of beer can not only make hot flashes worse but can make you prone to the mood swings and irritability that can happen with menopause.

SUPPLEMENTS: I was definitely on the right track towards conquering my symptoms. Then this year I learned about Kindra, and all the pieces fell into place. First I took the Kindra Menopause Quiz. The quiz really gets personal to provide tailored solutions to your needs (yep be prepared to talk about vaginal dryness and your sexual desires or lack thereof). I was recommended three products that Kindra offers: The Core & Energy Boosting Supplements during the day and The Sleep Supplement at night.

Here’s what they do:

The Energy Boosting Supplement specifically targets menopause fatigue with antioxidants like green tea left extract and pycnogenol that gently energize you throughout the day. It also addresses hot flashes, night sweats, and brain fog. The numbers don’t lie…48% of women reported improved concentration and fewer memory lapses when taking it, and 65% saw a decline in hot flashes.

The Sleep Supplement really helps reduce and stop the tossing and turning at night and keeps those night sweats at bay. It’s also estrogen-free and includes natural ingredients like ashwagandha for stress relief and pycnogenol to regulate your temperature. Plus, it’s made with low-dose melatonin to help make sure you sleep through the night and don’t wake up feeling groggy.  

And finally, the Kindra Core Supplement provides relief for the eight most common menopause symptoms. We’re talking support for dry skin, hot flashes, fatigue, mood swings, night sweats, brain fog, disrupted sleep, and stress. It too is filled with natural ingredients and is hormone-free, making it gentle yet still a powerhouse supplement to deal with anything menopause throws at you.

I want to encourage my community to discover what solutions best fit your needs. If you’re interested in trying Kindra totally risk-free:

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*Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Kindra.  As always, all opinions are my own. <3