Your Most Beautiful You With Dr. Karyn Grossman


Dr. Karyn Grossman is one of the top Dermatologists in the country with offices in Santa Monica and New York.  She’s a favorite of everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Linda Evangelista to me! She’s been my skin doc ever since I moved to Los Angeles, and in the process became a dear friend.

Last year she launched her first skincare line “Karyng by Dr. Karyn Grossman” inspired by her patients to create something that was natural but still powerful.

What makes this line different than others out there?

This line is based on a patented anti-inflammatory blend called ProVerte.  Inflammation is the basis of many problems with the skin – aging, pigment, acne, rosacea etc.  Thus, it actually makes sense to have it in all the products.   Also all our formulations are 90% Natural and 10% Science.  The “science” is high tech ingredients to help our formulations have top level performance.  However they are devoid of phthalates, glycols, endocrine disrupters, etc.  We also use BPA free packaging and sustainable forestry cartons.

This product line was a labor of love, tell me why?

This product line was in response to the recurrent and many requests of my patients.  They all want products that are natural.  They want products that don’t contain harmful ingredients.  But, they want products that actually work.  And, they don’t want a complicated routine.  No one seems to have extra time.  If you work, your busy.  If you stay home your busy.  Korean skin care is fun for a few weeks, but then real life kicks in.

As a dermatologist, my patients understand that they need SPF.  But it has been hard for them to find a good one they want to wear.  That was the most challenging part of this line.  To create an SPF 50 that is just physical – not chemical , no silicone to clog pores, moisturizer, anti-aging, anti-oxidant and feels, smells and looks good!

Could you take us through your morning and nightly beauty routines?

I have crazy days.  As a single mom and managing my bicoastal derm practice and my skin care line – I want a lot of  multi use ingredients.  AM:  Cleanse and my Karyng Complete SPF.  PM: Cleanse, Retinol – and hopefully eye cream and moisturizer.   

The three beauty products you can’t live without:

Aquaphor for my hands [otherwise my eczema gets bad], Karyng Complete SPF 50 – it is my all time favorite SPF – and is does “all duty” for me – antioxidants, anti-aging, hydrating, make-up base and skin tone evening.   You actually look better with it than without.  Karyng Retinol Renewing Serum.  I have rosacea – so my skin is particularly sensitive.   The powerful antioxidants in this help me to be able to use it nightly without any problems.

Are there any foods or drinks you eat a lot of, and any you particularly avoid?

I eat a lot of grapefruit, salads, chicken and steak.  While many of my patients encourage a vegan diet – I always just seem to be a carnivore.  I will eat the chicken off the salad before I eat the salad.  But I do try to maintain a junk food free home and office!

Should you change up you skin care routine in winter? (such as heavier moisturizer?)

Many people find that their skin becomes more dry in the winter.  So, while some can keep up the same routine, others may need to accommodate the drier climate.  Some great tips include switching to a heavier moisturizer – if you were using a gel switch to a lotion, a lotion switch to a cream and if using a cream you can switch to a heavier cream or add a hydrating gel below.  Hyaluronic acid gels are great at adding extra hydration to the skin without adding lots of oils.  They can be added under any moisturizer to give an extra hydrating punch.  Also add a humidifier to your bedroom at night.  The added moisture in the air helps your skin and your mucus membranes – making you a little less susceptible to getting sick.

Whens best time to exfoliate, morning or night?

exfoliation is best in the evening.  When you strip your skin with exfoliation it is a bit more sensitive to the sun and other daily exposure

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

For me, the thing that makes a person the most beautiful is their heart.  Being a wonderful and kind person surpasses all.

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