What Went Right!

Lisa Breckenridge and Andy Cohen Divorce

Instead of what went wrong…let’s look at what went right.  That’s how we’re choosing to look at it. After 15 years of marriage my husband and I are divorcing. These past 6 months only those closest to us knew of our decision to separate and divorce.

But I will share with you now that it’s been the toughest 6 months of our lives. I’ve experienced panic attacks for the first time, and the stress of going through mediation has led to weight and hair loss. But through it all Andy and I have remained best friends and making this as easy as possible for our twins has been our priority.  

Thankfully today we are a stronger, happier family unit, perhaps a different type of family, but we will always be family.

I decided to share this most private pain with you now for a couple of reasons. I know my pictures and posts more often than not look perfect, but of course life isn’t that way is it? I simply hadn’t been ready to share yet. I also was overwhelmed before, and needed to move into a new home, so now that the kids and I are settled I thought I could be more open.

I also wanted to let you know where I’ve found comfort and support. First of course from a solid network of family and friends who’ve taken my teary phone calls, who’ve sat with me when I couldn’t move, and who’ve prayed with me for strength. I also thankfully have been able to talk weekly with a therapist to help sort out my feelings.  And I’ve read a lot. Two great little books I wanted to share with you are: “I’ve been Thinking…” from Maria Shriver and “Brave Enough” from Cheryl Strayed.

If you have any great books I’d love to hear about them. This is definitely one of those moments in life where you could curl up in a ball in your closet (which I do) or put you big girl panties on and keep on going (which I also do everyday). Of course I am scared, there have been so many life changes in the past year and a half: Losing my job of 17 years, moving homes 4 times, and a divorce… so trust me I live on inspirational quotes and the fortunes out of my fav fortune cookies.

Thank you for always sending your love and messages my way.  I love the community we have and am thankful for your support always.   


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