Valentines Day with Tobi Tobin

What’s not to love about Tobi Tobin? She’s full of life, tall, blonde, gorgeous, successful and she’s created a luxury brand of three of my favorite things: chocolate, perfume and candles!

A Michigan native, Tobin started out as a fashion model in the 1980s.  She moved to L.A. in the late 80’s becoming one of the most sought after interior designers for celebrities, often being called the rock ‘n’ roll Martha Stewart which eventually led to her namesake company “Tobi Tobin”.

Her popular fragrances are all organic, include the unisex Crow, inspired by summer nights at Hotel du Cap, with white tea, soku lime and oak moss.

Her hand-poured candles, all made-in-L.A., smell like everything from a summer night in Nantucket (Salt Box) to an escape to Tulum (Palapa). My favorite is Georgian, an elegant blend of Gardenia, Tuberose and Orange Flower with a bit of Vanilla.

As for her chocolates, they are all dark chocolate truffles with a choice of Hawaiian sea salt, espresso, coconut among others.  My go to is dark chocolate covered caramel with sea salt!


You’ve combined my 3 favorite things, chocolate, fragrance and candles!  What inspired you to start your company?

I am crazy about Candles, Fragrance and Chocolate. I was disappointed with the luxury candles on the market I was buying. There were expensive and not performing well. I would buy a $75.00 candle and the fragrance would not blossom or fill the room with enough fragrance. The wax would pool and not burn correctly. The wicks would smoke and I felt like I deserved more from a candle of that price. So I dived into the candle making process and researched candle production from the beginning of time. I discovered that the majority of luxury candles were pouring at 4-5% fragrance, using toxic wax blends and synthetic fragrances. I developed my own natural fragrances, created my own proprietary blend of natural wax and poured at 10-12% fragrance. That is reason why the Tobi Tobin brand is doing so well..we make great products that customers can count on. After 6 years in the candle business I launched the Tobi Tobin line of personal fragrances for men and women. My mission statement was the same. Make a better Eau de Toilette than was on the market. I wanted organic denatured alcohol and natural fragrances. I wanted fragrances that I could wear all day long and reapply throughout the day to feel fresh. I felt that all the fragrances that I develop should be easy to wear, affordable, unisex and luxury. The chocolate came from my years as a private chef in Los Angeles. When I came time to launch my brand I just had to include it…I wanted to create and share the things I LOVE the most.

Describe your business in 3 words.

I can do that in two words….Affordable Luxury.

When you first came to Los Angeles it was as a model a actress, tell me about the segue into design.

My love for design has been since day one..I’m self taught, self studied and had the passion for everything that design could offer. I understood elevations, fabrications and materials of the design world. From there I began with designing furniture and working on high end residential projects. Everything that I do comes from design. It all starts there for me.

What’s the best advice in your career you’ve received? The worst?

The best advice would be to never give up, always follow your dreams and NEVER take no for an answer. I never got any bad advice, just bad advisors.

What’s your perfect day in Los Angeles? Start to finish.

My perfect day in Los Angeles is taking my vintage 1977 450SL out for a spin with my dog Theo to the beach in Malibu..anything Malibu would make me happy..anything beach makes me happy..good friends, my dog, great food, laughing and just being present and grateful for all I have.

Five staples in your closet you can’t live without?

Right now I would have to say all my Gucci!..I am Gucci mad right now..but are the five things. 1. Gucci shoes 2. D-squared jeans 3. Tobi Tobin 22K signature ring 4. Any of my designer handbags..I change them everyday..5. Always a cashmere scarf on me..even when it’s Hot… for anything cashmere.  

Describe your fashion style? Your interior design style?

These are all double questions…you really don’t have 10 questions.. you have 20…lol. .My fashion style depends on the the office it  is casual, chic, comfortable and luxurious. At night depending on the event..I add my high heels and make-up. I never wear make up unless I have to. Being a model for all those years and having my makeup and hair done everyday reminds me of when I model for my brand or do interviews I add the “Model Tobi” wardrobe and makeup.

The names in your black book of beauty?

Right now..Blushington..but I work with may great hair and make up artists all the time on shoots. I would also have to add Coconut Oil to my beauty book in general..I use it for everything..even on my dog…

If you could think of a quote of the day to sum up your mood and mode, what would it be?

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”


If you could have a dinner party with any five people, living or dead, who would you have over and what would you serve?

Well let me see…I could name all the famous designers I would love to meet but really…at the end of the day..I would just invite my 5 best friends..they know who they are…I’d friends love my cooking.. and we would finish the night with Tobi Tobin chocolate of course….

You can check out her jewelbox of a boutique in Brentwood, and at select Bloomingdale’s department stores nationwide.


Tobi Tobi Flagship Store:

11695 San Vicente Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90049


Store Hours

Tuesday – Saturday

11AM – 6PM

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