Tips and Tricks from my Facialist

Mother Nature has a cruel way of playing tricks on you. As a teenager I never really had problems with acne, luckily. But as a woman in her 50’s… now I am not only have breakouts I’ve got wrinkles! Thanks hormones for that fun little gift.

But I’ve got a secret weapon in my fight against all of that, and it’s Vanessa Hernandez.  She owns a boutique skin studio in Brentwood and for the past 9 years has worked on some of Hollywood’s most gorgeous faces, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Amber Valletta, Jenna Dewan and Jessica Capshaw.

Vanessa likes to customize facials for each of her clients depending on their needs, for me she has come up with this plan:

After cleaning my face, neck and chest, she really gets in there and extracts any blackheads, pimples and bacteria from the skin.  Seriously, no pore left untouched, and yet somehow she doesn’t leave a mark.

Next up she uses a Diamond tipped Microdermabrasion wand to gently exfoliate any dry or dead skin cells. Smoothing and buffing the skin, reducing the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles, as well as stimulating collagen. The machine is similar to a vacuum cleaner for the skin.

Followed by a Silk Peel Infusion with Vitamin C and antioxidants for the face, neck, and chest. Then it’s a Dermal infusion of a vitamin C solution using a Diamond tipped wand, the machine is similar to a Carpet cleaner for the skin.

Then it’s what I like to call the King Tut mask, a hydrogel Gold collagen mask with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to hydrate and plump up the skin

She’s not done yet, then it’s the Intraceuticals Oxygen treatment using oxygen to nourish the skin. Infusing rejuvenate serum (vitamin C, E, green tea, hyaluronic acid) it really makes the skin glow especially before a red carpet event or being on camera

Now it’s time for the light show: There’s a Lightstim Led Panel Blue/ Red/ Infrared – to kill acne causing bacteria and help with healing and cell turn over

Next the Opera Mask Led light – Anti-aging, calming, anti acne, and promotes cell turnover.

And finally a Gentle Waves Yellow Led light – this one is for Anti-aging and to stimulate collagen. Trust me I know it sounds like a lot rolled into one appointment, but that is how Vanessa rolls.  And apparently it works as I always get compliments about my skin!


How did you first become interested in skin care?

Since I was a kid, my mother would remind me every night to wash and moisturize my skin before bed. She would always apply sunscreen when we were outside, at the age 15 she had me start using eye cream. She taught me how to be consistent with my skin care regimen and how to care for my skin. It wasn’t until I reached the age of 22 and was hired by my soon to be mentor Dangene, that I truly first became interested in skin care. I had a spout of acne, and was concealing it with tons of makeup…foundation, powder, the works! Dangene changed my skin, clearing it up so that I no longer needed to wear foundation. She taught me that with the proper facial treatments, and at home products, almost any skin goal is achievable. From then on, I have been inspired to help other people with skin issues as well as maintain the highest level of skin integrity possible, resulting in tight pores, with glowing even skin.

What makes your approach to facials different than what else is out there?

At VHSkincare our approach is very different than the rest. We are a team of experts providing Facial treatments, Body treatments, Microneedling, MicroBlading, Eyelash extensions, and in the near future laser treatments.  We provide customized facials varying from red carpet ready to healing acne, brightening hyperpigmentation, shrinking pores, and total skin rejuvenation for the face and body. We use all state of the art machines- no massage, no steam, no fluff. At VHskincare any time you have a facial treatment, we always include a follow up appointment within 1-2, to ensure proper results. We also suggest a customized total skin care plan tailored to your skin needs for the year, including products changing with the seasons, facials, microneedling, laser treatments, etc.

What are your go to products that clients can purchase?

Brave Soldier Clean Skin Face Wash

Ayur Medic Antibacterial Exfoliant

SCBI Stem Cell Eye Cream

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF // SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic

Vanessa Hernandez Skincare

Brentwood Gardens

11677 San Vicente Blvd.

Suite 214

Los Angeles, CA 90049



Call/Text: 310/849-4452




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