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Lisa Breckenridge at Platefit

Nothing but Good Vibrations for me when it comes to my favorite workout.
During the past 12 years between working, rushing the kids around, cooking, and breathing (which I am pretty sure was last on the list), I found myself struggling to fit in a workout. And then I discovered PlateFit.

Lisa Breckenridge with Rachael Blumberg at Platefit

I first met Rachael Blumberg, owner of Platefit, when she came into my old TV station for a demonstration of her cool concept for group classes on these space age machines. Rachael is a new mother herself, and understands the struggle of life’s balancing act, by offering this heart-pumping, full-body toning, no-nonsense workout! She gave birth to her second child only 9 weeks ago and already looks amazing – such an inspiration!

So what exactly is PlateFit? It’s a high intensity 27 minute workout, that equates to an hour long routine. The plates use technology (developed for astronauts and athletes) to amplify your workout experience through constant vibrations…basically it vibrates 20 to 40 times a second. The studio offers a variety of classes, from boot-camp style workouts to those that focus on your abs, glutes and arms. One of my favorite’s CelluliteFIT and RecoveryFIT….not so much of a workout, but an amazing way to relax and stretch after one of the tougher classes, and are you ready for the magical phrase?! Smooth out the cellulite!

The whole team here is amazing…I especially adore Ilia who’s guiding me through this workout. And thanks to the smaller class sizes, the PlateFit instructors are able to pay close attention to individual techniques, and focus on each client’s goals. With so many time slots, and shorter workout times it definitely made it easier to make myself a priority.

Lisa Breckenridge at PlatefitLisa Breckenridge at Platefit




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  1. Aww..big fan of Yours for years! Your site is beautiful and inspirinG! love The artIcLe and pictureS!
    Whats cute is that ilia is my daughter!