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lisa breckenridge at nine zero one salon

What I love about my new haircut is the ability to go from sleek and straight to messy in a matter of seconds.

lisa breckenridge at nine xero one salon

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In fact my new hairstyle is probably the number one thing people comment on these days… So I decided to share how my hair stylist transforms it from straight to messy in mere seconds.

For years my hair had been fairly consistent, maybe to a fault. There have been changes here and there but the consistency was solely in the teasing and  s*** ton of hairspray I was using.

Just over a year ago I started going to Tim Dueñas at Nine Zero One Salon who worked within my hair constraints all the while trying to ease me out of my anchor hair helmet. Once I stopped working on television we decided to have some real fun.

lisa breckenridge at nine zero one salon

Tim gave my hairstyle some much needed funk by adding waves, a combination of  vertical and horizontal waves.  He says the secret is to always alternate the direction of the curl with the iron. Before starting he protects my hair with styling products, to handle the heat of the iron, and adds texturizing spray for a more messy look and added volume!

What I love about my new look is that I can go back to my straight style. If you’re looking for a hair transformation, Nine Zero One Salon is your destination!

lisa at nine zero one salon

What look is your favorite, straight or wavy?

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