Steal The Show With This Teal Dress

Today you’re going to get some pretty pictures (hopefully you’ll think they are) of me in this really cool dress from my favorite The Lady and The Sailor. But you’re also going to get a reality check from me.

I’ll be honest, life has been a bit tough lately, and the smiling woman you see here more often than not has been crying on the inside. I am navigating some of life’s trickier moments and changes. I am not ready just yet to share my story, but I did want to share this message I got from a sweet friend, because I think it applies to all of us as we weather the storms we encounter:

“You got this! I know easier said than done but God’s will won’t place you anywhere where His grace can’t protect you. This will reawaken the Lisa that has been kept inside for so long! Your light is already shining sweet friend.”


And back to the pretty pictures… if you love this dress you can get it at “The Lady and the Sailor”.  I also found a similar dress at a lower price if that better fits your budget!  Whatever you wear, don’t forget to let your light shine.


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