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One of the things I hope to do with “Happily Lisa” is provide a space for Inspiration for all of us.  Yes there will be fashion, yes there will be food, and yes,  cool spots to travel and explore.  

But I also wanted to share with you the women who have inspired me throughout my life.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many strong role models in my personal life.  And professionally as a journalist I was able to interview so many women I admired.

When I first came back from maternity leave after having the twins, the one thing I always asked every woman that walked onto our set was how do you balance it all? How do you do it all?  I asked so much that my co-anchors started making fun of me!

Since this is my first post on the topic I felt it was only fitting to share with you the woman who inspires me the most, my mom. Her name is Sandra Loewen.  We call her Mimi.  She is 76 year old, mother to 4 daughters and 5 grandchildren.

mimi with her four daughters and three granddaughters

Miss Mimi is the reason any of us are good mothers, she was the ultimate role model who selflessly put her children and her husband first always.  And somehow she looked amazing doing it.  When I drop my kids off at school and I am still in my pj’s and glasses I think of how she dropped us off perfectly dressed, with flawless makeup and hair.  We had gourmet home cooked meals every night and she volunteered for all that she could.  There is something magical about her, as a teenager it was clear our friends would rather spend time around her then us, she just had so much personality and people were drawn to her.

I know she is the reason I had such a successful career for such a long time.  As a child she instilled in me the importance of having a career and being able to take care of myself.  She never let me give up on myself even though there were plenty of times when it would have been easy to do so.  It was “Lisa you’ve just got to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and never give up”.  

Four years ago we nearly lost Mimi, she had open heart surgery and it was touch and go.  My sisters and I never left her bedside in the hospital where she stayed for a month.  Since the surgery it’s been a long road back, and not always easy.  Mom’s memory has definitely been affected and I know it bothers her (we’re just thrilled she’s still with us) but she keeps pushing forward showing us once again how to do it with grace and dignity and of course style.

ben and elsie visiting mimi in the hospital

Trust me this doesn’t even scratch the surface of who she is or what she means to us, but hopefully it gives you a little insight into the most important woman in my life.

left: mimi visiting me right before I gave birth to the twins. right: mimi holding ben and elsie

mimi with her four daughters

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  1. What a lovely tribute to your mother, Lisa! She has always been a class act. So glad you are all there to love and support her. Nice to see you on FB.

  2. Lisa you your Mother, and three sisters are all absolutely gorgeous. If you don’t mind me asking in the picture of the 5 of you excluding Mom whose the youngest to the eldest and how much apart are the four if you.