Microfeathering with Kristie Streicher, LA’s Eyebrow Guru

Lisa Breckenridge and Kristie Streicher

The term guru or expert gets thrown around a lot in Los Angeles.  But let me tell you Kristie Streicher is both.  I even throw in the occasional term “Brow Whisperer” when I talk about her. Kristie has transformed my brows and those of just about every star (from Lourde to Gwyneth and Mandy Moore just to name a few).  


Gwenyth Paltrow

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She’s given us all her trademark “ feathered brow” which can take years off your face (trust me on this).  And now she’s upped her eyebrow game with her latest brow technique called “Microfeathering”.  It’s a variation of microblading, but oh so much more natural looking. Check out my before and after, Amazing right?

Lisa Breckenridge and Kristi Streicher

Kristie Streicher, uses a very fine and precise blade, makes the tiniest of incisions and then deposits the pigment into the incisions.

Kristie Streicher eyebrows

photo by emily knecht

She’s basically creating individual eyebrow hairs.  Just like a true artist it takes a light hand and lots of patience. Rest assured, it’s not a tattoo! Unlike a tattoo the “Microfeathering” only goes into the superficial layers of the epidermis-the top skin layer-whereas a tattoo penetrates deeper making it permanent.  “Microfeathering” lasts up to a year. It is a two part treatment, 6 weeks apart. And If you’re wondering about whether it hurts or not, Kristie gets your brows good and numb first!

But before Kristie works her magic she recommends growing out your brows for two months (yep throw away those tweezers) She likes to put you on a maintenance program to train your brows to grow the right way. Apparently, when you’re at home plucking away and pulling on your eyebrows you’re training them to grow back completely randomly. Somehow Kristie is able to get them to grow along the brow line. (See that’s why I call her a “Brow whisperer”.) If you’re not ready to take the “Microfeathering” plunge…Kristie “feathered brow” is a good alternative and consists of her tweezing and tinting those brow into perfected arches…It’s almost as if Kristie is a therapist for your eyebrows: learning how they grow, training them to do better, and prepping them for a fantastic year ahead.

Streicher Sisters at Striiike

photo by bonnie tsang

You’ll find Kristie working alongside her sisters at their adorable and yet chic salon/boutique STRIIIKE, in Beverly Hills. Beauty does run in the family…you’ve got a hairstylist, a makeup artist and an eyebrow guru all in one gorgeous space.

Lisa Breckenridge at Striiiker eyebrowsLisa Breckenridge at Striiiker

I love visiting STRIIIKE, The energy is always so positive and I love the collaborative and fun environment that the three sisters have built together.

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