Getting My Body By Simone

I first met Simone de la Rue when she came on the show I was hosting for an exercise demo using her mini trampolines.  I thought how hard could it be…boy was I wrong!  


It was tough but fun at the same time which is at the heart of all of Simone’s exercise classes.

Lisa’s Outfit: Crop Top // Leggings // Jacket // Shoes

Simone’s Outfit: Bra // Leggings

Since coming to this country, the Australian trainer has created a fitness empire and is a favorite of Hollywood A-listers including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Reese Witherspoon and Chrissy Teigen. They all love Simone’s signature combination of dance, yoga and pilates.  

In addition to her three studios… Simone published a book “Body By Simone: The 8 Week Total Body Transformation”… produced 4 Body By Simone DVD’s… She’s one of the trainers on the E! Network show “Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian”…And her BBSTV, is an online subscription service with a huge library of videos. Oh and she’s got a line of exercise equipment and accessories.

What inspired you to start your body by simone program?

I was a professional dancer for 18 years, and I wanted to share my passion for dance with as many people as possible. The dancers physique is strong, feminine and graceful. Many women aspire to this body type, and by dancing as a form of fitness it is possible to achieve that.

How do you keep your clients motivated?

I always try and mix it up to keep their mind and bodies stimulated. For me there always has to be some joy in it. If it’s enjoyable then people are more likely to stick with it. I try to mix both challenging exercises with something fun.

What role does food/drink play into your and your clients bodies?

A huge part. It is actually 80% diet 20% exercise I try to see food as fuel for my body. You wouldn’t put bad gas into your car, so why do it to your body. It really needs to become a lifestyle choice and not a quick fix. It’s ok to indulge every now and then, and I do encourage a cheat day. But make sure you get back on track.

Obviously it’s a lifestyle, but if someone is looking to make changes fast what’s the plan (I am sure you get this request from your actor/actress clients prepping for a role)

I always recommend doing my 14 day cleanse from my book.  Eliminating gluten, dairy, sugar, sodium, caffeine and alcohol. This Will help detoxify your system and cleanse your gut. The result is you look and feel better and in the process of eating cleaner you also drop weight.

Overall your philosophy, approach to fitness?

Everything in moderation. I think health and wellness should be a lifestyle. I don’t take myself too seriously. You can be fit and healthy and not obsessed with it. I really try to promote self love and acceptance. Creating a safe ego free space for women to workout.

Your thoughts on weights?

I think it’s very important for women to do strength training. Don’t be afraid to lift weights. I usually give my clients weights ranging from 3-10 pounds depending on their goal and strength. Focus on form and technique and you will quickly develop strength.

From start to finish what would be your ideal food day?

Eggs for breakfast with avocado and salmon. Protein smoothie for mid morning snack. Chicken breast and salad for lunch, rice cakes with peanut butter for afternoon snack. Roasted root vegetables and turkey for dinner. Piece of chocolate for dessert.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

I practice meditation and Yoga. It stills my mind and soul

Are there any foods or drinks you eat a lot of, and any you particularly avoid?

I eat a lot of protein. My body craves it. I also work out so much I need it to help repair and rebuild my muscles. I try to avoid heavy carbs and fatty foods as I find it hard to digest. Everybody is different so it’s really important to find what works best for you.

If you could think of a quote of the day to sum up your mood and mode, what would it be?

My mantra is always “I am a vision of health and beauty.”

What’s the best advice in your career you’ve received? The worst?

Always follow your heart and trust your gut instinct. No one knows your business like you do. And don’t let anyone tell you something is impossible, it’s not, you just have to work hard and find a way.

Are there any foods or drinks you avoid? Why?

I don’t drink any sugary drinks like pop or soda.

How do you always start your day? What’s your go-to breakfast?

Eggs! Also green tea.

Can you tell us one thing you used to be insecure about and how you drew confidence and moved past it?

Being a petite blonde woman in business is challenging. People naturally categorize you. In a male driven world women have to work harder to prove their worth. I would often feel intimidated. Now I just hold my head high. Proof is in what I have created! And they can’t take that away from me.  

What advice would you give young girls, struggling to be self confident?

Self love and acceptance is the key. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. We are all on a path of self discovery. Find you passion in life and follow it.

Tell me about the rejection you faced and how you moved past it.

I remember when I was 16 I auditioned for the Australian ballet school. I was rejected because of my body type. My torso was too long and my legs too short. I was devastated at the time. Looking back now it was such a blessing. I moved into musical theater and traveled the world. I ended up in fitness. This is exactly where I am meant to be. At the time it may feel like the worst rejection, but remember there is always a master plan and you just have to learn to trust it.


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