I finally tried boxing …

The first thing I am going to tell you today is you should try a boxing workout at BoxUnion.  The second thing is if you can…try and sign up for a class with Deja Riley, seriously that’s my advice for the day!  

All the coaches there are terrific, but Deja greeted me with a giant smile and a hug, and was a giant ray of light! She then introduced me to what a class is like and boy was it fun, it got my heart pumping and the sweat flowing!

Leggings // Jacket // Crop Top

As a dancer whose shared the stage with everyone from Beyonce to Katy Perry, Deja transitioned from dancing diva to boxing badass to inspire and empower those around her. Basically her goal in class is to bring the party to every workout!

Each class is 45 minutes of High Intensity Interval training, and you’re constantly moving to the music. During a class the coaches combine shadow boxing, cardio, plyometrics, core work and heavy bag training, all to hip hop anthems. Even though boxing is an incredible core workout, the trainers still get in 5 minutes of really targeted ab exercises.

At BoxUnion they say the average workout burns between 600-800 calories per hour, and it’s really great for toning muscles without gaining any bulk.  Another benefit is improving your hand eye coordination and core stability. Plus it’s basically like therapy, I gotta tell you punching that bag feels really really good!

Felicia Alexander, in the middle above is the Co-Founder, President & Chief Empowerment Officer of BoxUnion.

Why did you decide to open up a boxing gym?

I put on boxing gloves for the first time after my father died suddenly when I was 16. I loved the stress-release, the empowerment, the workout and the mind/body connection. After finding success in the corporate world, I maintained my love of fitness and dream of opening a fitness studio. I wanted to open BoxUnion (with my business partner Todd Wadler) to create a welcoming place where everyone could experience the benefits of boxing without feeling intimidated to walk in the door.

What makes this gym different from the others out there?

BoxUnion is all about community. We intentionally wanted to create an experience that was different from any traditional boxing gym out there, while still allowing our boxers to learn the skill of boxing. We box to the beat of the music to bring the room together as we sweat, move and punch in unison. From the lighting to the inspirational coaching, it is a full 45-minute experience.

Describe your typical client?

We are 75% female and about 80% of our boxers had never put on a pair of gloves before they walk through our doors, from ages 14 all the way to 75. Our workout is very simple to modify so we have boxers at their first class punching the bag side-by-side with boxers at their 100th class, and both are getting an amazing workout. Every boxer has their story, we don’t care about your size, shape, background or history-—when you get on that bag, we are all on Team BoxUnion.


1755 Ocean Ave Suite 104

Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 882-5508


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