How To Get your Glow on with Nurse Jamie + Giveaway!

Thanks to my mom, I was blessed with pretty good skin. Thanks to Nurse Jamie, that skin at age 52 is still getting lots of compliments!

Her real name is Jamie Sherrill, but most people know her as “Nurse Jamie”  — one of the top beauty experts in the world. Lucky for me, “Nurse Jamie Beauty Park Medical Spa” is located in Santa Monica and it’s where I go, make that run to when I need a little face pick-me-up

Jamie is the go-to person for some of Hollywood’s top faces, for her treatments which range from botox to the latest fillers and lasers, to tightening and plumping up your skin.  

She has also developed an incredible line of products and tools that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

So with that in mind, I had Jamie demonstrate three of her top sellers:

First up The Nurse Jamie UpLift™ Massaging Beauty Roller.  This is the one you’ve probably seen tons of celebrities using on her Instagram.  Jamie created this innovative beauty tool for the face and body with a unique hexagon shape that holds 24 massaging stones to temporarily energize, enhance, revive and uplift your skin.

Jamie: As a busy mother of three I wanted to make the UpLift as user friendly as possible. While other facial rollers are also soothing the UpLift is designed to mimic effects of the custom blend of different European/ percussive/ shiatsu / massaging techniques used in our signature facials at our exclusive spas. With the UpLift beauty tool you don’t have to follow a facial acupuncture map-you just press and roll and the UpLift’s unique hexagonal shape with its strategically placed stones we did the work so all you have to do is press and roll – it’s super easy and if you don’t believe me do one side of your face then look in the mirror. (Yes, it’s not the result of a surgery but it works)

Next up: you can flatten your neck and chest lines with Nurse Jamie’s Neck & Décolleté Wrap.  

Jamie: I developed the FaceWrap and Neck & Decolletage Wrap Skin Perfecting Silicone Treatments because I saw an overwhelming amount of people using DIY masks that pull at the delicate skin of the face, neck, and decolletage which pull off your skin’s protective barriers- leaving skin feeling smooth but ultimately doing more harm than good.

The FaceWrap is a non-adhesive mask made of ultra thin, medical grade stretch silicone. Inspired by silicone scar treatment technology. Face Wrap was designed to adhere to the contours of the face, creating an intensive hydration climate. Use with your favorite creams or masks for better absorption and efficacy. I recommend pairing this skin perfecting silicone treatment with my EGF Botanical Complex or your favorite moisturizer all over face- being careful to avoid eye area prior to slipping on mask by slipping side loops over ears.

Nurse Jamie Neck Decollete Wrap // Nurse Jamie Uplift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller // Nurse Jamie Triangle Facial Beauty Tool // Sweater // Pants 

Finally the TriAngle, a sonic face massager that will help restore glow and firmness to your face when used with your favorite serum or cream (hers of course are preferred). It will help refresh your face by targeting the most problematic areas, including your eye area, brows, lip lines, cheeks and chin. It has 2 specialized massaging modes: normal or heated. The hi-frequency sonic technology allows skincare products to absorb better into the skin for optimal results. Rechargeable and travel-friendly, it’s easy to use everyday and features an Intelligent Touch sensor so that it starts working as soon as it touches the skin.

And here’s the best part, Nurse Jamie and I have teamed up to give away one of her TriAngle’s!  It’s worth $159! Keep your eyes out on my Instagram at for all the details!

Q & A with Nurse Jamie

What is the concept behind the beauty park spa?

At Beauty Park, our vision is simple – to offer not only the best non-surgical beauty solutions available on the market, but also a customized combination of the most cutting-edge technical advances in anti-aging, skincare and beauty today. High-tech tools, devices and home-based care are a big part of my regiment and I make everyone participate.

What is your best selling beauty cream?

My best selling beauty cream would be the Nurse Jamie EGF Botanical Complex.It was originally created for professional use in Hollywood. The EGF Botanical Complex is a lightweight yet powerful moisturizing serum containing Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving hydration and giving skin renewed suppleness.

What is the most sought after treatment in the spa?

We’re currently in the midst of award season so the most sought after procedure is my “Code Purple” treatment which can be done up until the day before the red carpet. It includes a radio frequency skin tightening paired with our famous UpLift beauty roller to help infuse the Nurse Jamie Botanical EGF Complex giving celebs that firmer, glowing complexion that is red carpet worthy. Another popular treatment this season is my “Ice Queen” treatment using Cryogenic and our essential strapless gown prep- our re-hydrating silicone wrap-perfecting red carpet décolletés from LA to NY. These treatments are perfect for those super-busy celebs & VIPS needing a beauty boost/ tune-up before the red carpet. I like to remind my patients that red carpet prep needs to happen every day, too. Eat well, sleep well on the right pillow, take off makeup at night and use good quality products with the best raw ingredients. Home care matters as much as in office does.

How do you balance being a wife, mother to triplets and a beauty empire?

I don’t – something always drops ..then you pick it up again when you can –

However- I do try to not “do everything” for my kids as my parents didn’t “do everything” for me and of course I want to support my children but I want them to be resourceful.

What role has social media played in your business?

I love social media- I think it’s a great way to reach people- help them and dispel beauty myths…

Best advice you’ve ever received?

From my mom-show up and act live you’ve got common sense, all with a sense of humor.

Mantra for each day?

Skin is an outfit you wear everyday


Nurse Jamie

1511 Montana Avenue

Santa Monica, California 90403

888-41-JAMIE or 323-490-7522


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