One Pot Pasta with Burrata

Any dish that only takes one pot is basically genius in my book. This pasta is one of the best. You basically just…

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Little Gems with Avocado Grapefruit Vinaigrette

Anyone can make a salad… but chef and restaurant owner Dana Slatkin who owns my favorite neighborhood bistro Violet…

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Valentine’s Day Pink Pancakes

Since Valentine's Day is coming up I figured these pancakes would be perfect to share, because who doesn’t want pretty…

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The Easiest Bean & Beef Chili

This is my easy chili recipe perfect for a cold winter night or Sunday afternoon watching football.

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Pappardelle Pasta with Pancetta and Burrata

This is my Pappardelle with Pancetta and Burrata. It is definitely an indulgent dish, but surprisingly simple and…

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Simple Scones

I like to think my scones are better than any bakery version...they’re flaky, flavourful, and moist with crispy crumbly…

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Family Favorite: Special Pancakes

We call these special pancakes, a cross between a crepe and a pancake. You can fill them with whatever you would…

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Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup

Instead of forming perfect balls and hoping I get perfect-looking cookies, you just throw the dough into tiny ramekins…

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Creamy Chicken Curry

I am not going to lie, my chicken curry dish has a boatload of sour cream in it! Which is exactly how my mom made it…

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Frisée Salad with Creamy Shallot Vinaigrette

Cristina taught us how to make her delicious Frisee Salad With Creamy Shallot Vinaigrette which is a perfectly festive…

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