Exploring Moab with My Son, Ben

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Because Ben and Elsie are twins, I’ve always tried to have some one on one time with them.  Since they were little we called it “special time”.  This past Spring Break, I felt it was important for them to embark on separate adventures and have the opportunity to discover something they truly loved and focus solely on those activities.

Ben and I decided to explore Moab.  We thought about staying in a hotel, but I thought camping would be a great experience for him, to expand his horizons a bit.  And I truly mean “a bit”,  after all we decided to go “glamping” instead of camping — baby steps, people.

moab utah

We arrived to these gorgeous tents set up by Under the Canvas .  Not your basic camping tents here…a bit more glamorous with running water, toilets even a shower and hardwood floors, so it was really more like a desert oasis, and to be honest, we loved it!  

Unfortunately about an hour or so into our trip, the temperatures dropped and we were hit with a wild windstorm. And told we might need to evacuate if the wind increased much more.  Needless to say we were not going to last long in the tent!

I called my husband and told him I didn’t know what to do because while I wanted to stretch Ben’s comfort zone and have this camping experience with him, I also didn’t want to spend the whole day and night hiding from the cold wind…worried about a middle of the night evacuation.  Within an hour we were in our cozy and warm hotel beds!

While we didn’t make memories sleeping under the stars, we did have an incredible time thanks to the Moab Adventure Center, the folks there planned all of our activities!

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The beautiful landscape allowed for lots of climbing and river rafting! It was such a blast to watch Ben scramble around in nature and love every minute of it.  We toured through the stunning Arches National Park and the surrounding areas, all so breathtaking.

River rafting was a bit more nerve-racking for Ben, but by the end of the tour he was at the front of the raft!

moab utah

Besides the minimal hiccups at the beginning of the trip, Ben discovered a new joy in life, and to me, that is a huge success! We came, we saw, and we conquered our Moab adventure, together! And someday we’ll go back to those amazing tents!!!

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// Camping Site: Under the Canvas // Activity Planner: Moab Adventure Center // Guided Hike: Deep Desert Expeditions //


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