The Ultimate Beach Picnic with The Picnic Collective

Want a picture-perfect picnic, the kind you see in movies or in your Instagram feed.  I found the perfect way to elevate your beach picnic experience and you don’t have to lift a finger or drag a bunch of coolers and chairs through the sand. I also profiled “The Picnic Collective” for the show I work on called “California Live” which airs on NBC stations here in California. 

The Picnic Collective does all the work, setting up swoon-worthy picnics on beaches from San Diego to Los Angeles.

The owner Lauren Rivard says she started her company because she is passionate about helping people experience the beauty of the world in a seamless way, and saw how helpful it could be if she packaged her expertise on event styling, planning, and gourmet food, in the form of customizable, intimate gatherings.

There are two styles of picnic settings to choose from with all types of add ons for anywhere from two to thirty people.  Prices vary depending on location, amount of people, and how you customize your picnic, best to check their website for those details. 

So whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a shower, a proposal, or any other major life milestone, The Picnic Collective can transform it into something you’ll never forget. And if you want to stay at home and enjoy this cozy experience in the comfort of your backyard, you can always order the goods to be shipped to you. 

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