Elevate your Little Black Dress

Lisa Breckenridge at Elyse Walker in a little black dress

There are little black dresses, and then there are LITTLE BLACK DRESSES…and this one falls into the later category. For me this would be that perfect go-to-dress for any holiday parties we might get invited to (hint hint, still waiting for those invites) and I of course found it at Elyse Walker.

It’s the perfect combination of feminine and funky with it’s delicate floral pattern and intricate lace details. Add some edgy jewelry for a perfect holiday cocktail party outfit!


lisa breckenridge at elyse walker in a little black dress

One thing I’ve always admired about Elyse Walker and her team of stylists is their ability to mix and match edgy pieces with soft and feminine touches. Typically, I just wear my wedding ring and band and call it a day…but trust me I wouldn’t mind throwing these two rings into the mix.

Lisa Breckenridge at Elyse Walker designer purse


I also absolutely love the little black Yves Saint Laurent clutch that paired beautifully with this dress.

A big thanks to Elyse Walker for letting me play dress up in her beautiful new Newport beach boutique!

Lisa Breckenridge at Elyse Walker Boutique Newport Beach, CA

To book a styling appt, email styling@elysewalker.com

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  1. Love Elise walkeR. FOr a better variety Of Her Hand picked clothing etc,in all price ranges, go to FORward. She also had great Sales.

  2. Hi Lisa. Love the real little black dress. I have always admired your style. Perfect combo of conservative, edgy, comfy, and classy. Im a nurse so theres no way im going to be purchasing an ESL bag or probably the beautiful boutique. Maybe the wonderful ladies could suggest some Items like a few little black dresses at $300, $200 and $100. Thats about what i would spend on an amazing dress like that. Just a suggestion. I still LOVE following you on social media and this great blog!!! XX

    1. Hi Nia – thank you so much for your kind words. I’m having so much fun in this next chapter. I’m happy to hear that you are interested in alternative options for things that I post. My team and I are working on curating “steal my look’ for all my posts – – which will have a different price point option for all. Look for that to start after the new year!

  3. Not an ankle tattoo in sight. Such a beautiful, classy lady. Congratulations on a very nicely put together website, Angel 🙂