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Mesotherapy for Hair Loss and Skin Rejuvenation

Would you let someone come at your face and scalp with a gun full of tiny needles? I did, and I’d do it again. It’s all in the name of Skin Rejuvenation and Restoring Hair Loss. And while it looks kinda scary there are all types of benefits of Mesotherapy.

I had this treatment done at Beyond Regenerative in Newport Beach. It’s just one of the anti-aging treatments that Dr Allyson Berkey offers. (BTW She always wears a mask, I just had her take it off for one of the photos so you could see her beautiful face!)

Mesotherapy targets the middle layers of the skin, between the dermis and the epidermis. Dr Berkey injects all types of skin and hair loving ingredients to achieve a whole array of benefits. For your skin: tighter and plumper, along with improvements to scars, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles. For your hair: It can help prevent hair loss, improve hair quality, and stimulate hair growth.

For my treatment, Dr. Berkey used stem cells extracted from the human umbilical cord in my hairlines and Exosomes from the human umbilical cord in the skin. As Dr. Berkey explained to me: “The same cell products contain billions of Exosomes (as they are produced by the stem cells). Stem cell treatment has the benefit of longer potency because it is live cells. The Exosomes products are acellular but have all the good ‘juices’ such as hyaluronic acid, growth factors, extracellular matrix, proteins, etc. These are wonderful in the skin because it replenishes aging skin with things that decline with age. The hyaluronic acid holds hydration, so it plumps the skin, while the other components stimulate cellular regeneration, collagen production, and repair of dermal-epidermal junction which loosens as we age”.

The changes I noticed were a softening, plumping, and basically rejuvenation immediately in the skin around the eyes and mouth where the doctor injected me. The stem cells into the scalp around the hair follicles start working right away but results aren’t seen for 4-6 weeks. Dr. Berkey also gave me topical peptides that create a rich environment for the stem cells to work. According to Dr. Berkey, the best results are achieved with 6 months peptides. The doctor suggests a series of 2 or 3 injections – they can do all stem cells, or on the second and or third injection, PRP which is when your own blood is drawn, spun down in a special contraption and only the best of what’s left is injected into your skin.

The same cell products contain billions of Exosomes…

The price for Mesotherapy ranges depending on where you live, and keep in mind you’ll need a series of treatments, I had two. The treatment itself lasts around 20-40 minutes and begins with an application of numbing cream (lucky for me Dr. Berkey also offers “laughing gas” so I really felt nothing). On the day of the treatments my face definitely wasn’t camera ready…but the next day I was good to go.

After the first treatment, you can expect a ‘mesotherapy glow,’ thanks to the increased hydration – your skin is essentially getting a tall glass of water and a meal of vitamins and nutrients.

It’s been several months since I had my two treatments and I definitely see hair regrowth along my hairline where we targeted the mesotherapy. And my skin does appear more youthful.

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