Kindra Luncheon: Couch Conversation

Well, that was incredible and LONG overdue!  For the first time in more than a year and a half, I hosted an intimate luncheon for a group of girlfriends and boy was it fun!

I was honored when Kindra asked me to host a “Couch Conversation” following in the footsteps of a similar evening that noted Television Anchor Gayle King and Kindra CEO Catherine Balsam-Schwaber had at Gloria Steinem’s house. I’ll share more on their event in a moment, but first the details of mine.

For those of you not familiar with Kindra, this company is dedicated to changing how we view going through the menopause journey through education, conversation, and support through estrogen-free supplements.

Instead of having the event at my house, I chose my favorite restaurant in Westwood “Violet Bistro”.  It is the most charming spot, once you step inside it feels as if you’ve been transported to a bistro in Paris.  For lunch we served the yummiest quiche and salad, paired with the famous Violet Spritz, and wine from Dry Farm Wines.

The guest list included 10 women from different aspects of my life, there were girlfriends from TV, radio, entrepreneurs, social media mavens, and meditation healers.  The guest of honor of course was beloved OB-GYN Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz and as you can imagine we had all types of questions for her about our own menopause experiences. We all wanted to know about vaginal dryness, rejuvenation, getting better sleep, and dealing with fluctuating moods and temperatures.

One of the more powerful moments came when we all wrote down on paper what menopause meant to us.  It broke my heart to read “I’ve become invisible to men”...and this came from one of the biggest powerhouses at lunch. For me I wrote the word Freedom…because it has been freeing to no longer have a period, and honestly care less about what people think and talk openly about stuff I would have shied away from in the past.

We all left feeling a bit more empowered, a bit more educated, and definitely a bit more connected, knowing that we’re not alone as we maneuver through this stage of life called menopause.

As promised, you can find a bit more about the inaugural couch conversation at Gloria Steinem’s house here:

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If you want to host your own Couch Conversation with your girlfriends, here’s how!

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