All Smiles for Goat Yoga

Before you start shaking your head and say “Only in California” let me just tell you that Goat Yoga actually started on a farm in Oregon! And I am here to say I am still smiling after my first class at “Laughing Frog Yoga” in West Los Angeles.

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For my session, Billie, a four month old Nigerian Dwarf Goat from Hello Critter was my partner. During my private session he climbed on my back, jumped from my instructors back to mine, and even occasionally ran through my legs. I begged Billie not to poop or pee on me, I lucked out, but be prepared to not be so lucky!

The owner of the studio Kareem Mitha explained how it all got started last summer: “We goat a call (pun intended) back in July from a Goat Wrangler, asking us if we wanted to give it a try at our studio. Within 1 hour we had sold out 4 events and knew we were on to something. Since then we have hosted thousands of smiling faces at our public classes, and have recently begun hosting private birthday parties and team building events for corporations all over LA.”

The goal he says is pretty simple, “Our goat yoga classes are meant to be playful and lighthearted, with lots of interaction between the goats and the students. We strive to help you reconnect to your inner child with silliness, laughter, and adorable goats! Our teachers like to say it often feels like a kindergarten class full of adults.”

Obviously I am sure you’re wondering if you actually get a physical workout or more of a mental one when you’re running through your Vinyasa poses with a goat? Kareem says: “The goats definitely deepen the physical aspect of yoga as their hooves give you an yummy massage, and it really gives your core a great workout when you balance a goat on your back! On the mental/emotional side prepare to laugh! Enjoy a chance to fully let go of all the responsibilities of adulthood, while sharing laughs and smiles with your fellow classmates.”

If you’re interested in classes they sell out quickly. April is already booked, but the studio is currently selling tickets for May. They cost $39 each and can be purchased on the Laughing Frog Yoga website. Each class is comprised of 40 students and features two adorable baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats. The classes are 1 1/2 hours long (1 hour yoga + 30 minutes hangout/selfie time), and all levels are welcome.  

Laughing Frog Yoga Front Desk

12217 Santa Monica Blvd. #205

Los Angeles CA, 90025


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