A New Year with Unplug Meditation

Throughout my crazy year of life changes in 2018, the one common thread I heard from so many people was: You should try meditation. I even downloaded an app that was supposed to teach me how to do it, but honestly I never did. I figured going to the therapist, and praying, and the occasionally xanax would help with the panic attacks I experienced for the first time this past summer. I can remember the therapist telling me to breathe as I had a few in her office even…when breathing seemed absolutely impossible.

Then one day as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came upon a picture that really resonated with me and it mentioned Unplug Meditation. So, like what happens to all of us on Instagram from time to time, I went down a rabbit hole. I realized that it was located 5 minutes from my house, and I had driven by it countless times. This all was happening as we were nearing the beginning of December and I really wanted to set some goals for myself for the last month of 2018 that could help set me up for 2019.  

Let’s be honest, with several moves and a divorce in 2018, for the most part of the year I was just trying to keep my head above water…the twins were always my first priority, but I was just trying to survive all the emotions of it all. So that’s when I decided that I would meditate every day in December. There happened to be a 2 week unlimited visit special for under $40 and I thought “Bingo!” I started on a Saturday and never looked back.  

Trust me, there are times when I am not sure if I am doing it right, and there are times I definitely fall asleep in a room full of strangers as we all lay on our little mats together (kinda felt like nap time in kindergarten at first).  But this entire month, I have slept so much better, I feel less stress, and all the tightness in my body seems to be disappearing, also the voice in my head is so much kinder to myself. I look forward to my little 45 minutes to myself (in a room full of strangers)  and I enjoy trying out different classes, some have an emphasis on crystals and aromatherapy, others on balancing your chakras, there have even been guided visualization classes and a breathwork class


Let me tell you, I was not prepared for the breathwork class. It was a completely different type of more aggressive cleansing breath, and the instructor told us we might ended up uncontrollably laughing or crying…I did the crying, and it wouldn’t stop, but the instructor told us this was clearing out all the bad energy from what we had been carrying around from this year, and making way for all the good of the new year. There was even a primal yell that also caught me off guard (again in a room full of strangers) and yet it felt so good to let it all out.  I suppose the fact I unknowingly went to this class the day after I signed the final divorce papers was meant to be.

My reason for sharing all of this with you is to let you know that if you don’t live here in Los Angeles where there are two studios (see below), Unplug Meditation has a great App that you can download, and there’s a 30 day challenge going on for January.  So even if you’re not here, you can experience all the benefits of learning to breathe again and quieting your mind…or opening it up to all the possibilities ahead.  Biggest hugs to all of you!

Make sure to use code LISA20 for 20% off the monthly or yearly Unplug app subscription! Here’s how:

  1. Login or create an account on the web at www.unplug.app
  2. Under My Account, choose a plan, enter in your payment info and the code LISA20 under Promo Code before clicking Confirm.
  3. You can stay logged in on the web and/or login to the mobile app.

Santa Monica

Unplug Meditation

12401 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 101

Los Angeles, CA 90025


(310) 826-8899

West Hollywood

Unplug Meditation

8500 Melrose Ave, Suite 201

Los Angeles, CA 90069


(424) 382-1116

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